Friends of Williamsburg Regional Library

Foundation Support

  • Bessie and Charles Bridges (in memory of Harry White)
  • Elise Emanuel
  • Emma Lou Powers
  • Sandra Stephan (in memory of Harry White)
  • Mark Anderson
  • Anonymous
  • Tonya Boone
  • Yvonne Brendley
  • Alison Foley
  • Amanda Foley
  • Douglas Hornsby
  • Robin Land
  • Cindy McClintock
  • Rick Overy
  • Laurie and Patrick Rowe
  • Sam Sadler
  • Melissa Simpson
  • Jean Stettler
  • WRL Circulation Staff
  • Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg
  • Susan and Gary Ripple (in honor of Rick Overy)

Additional Support


  • Williamsburg Area Amateur Radio Club
  • Williamsburg Spinners and Weavers Guild

Annual Appeal

  • Virginia and Charles Crone (in memory of June Horsman)
  • Lynne and Bob Kiley
  • Meredith Altshuler
  • Marilyn and Robert Casey
  • Kathy and Bruce Hornsby
  • Phoebe and James Kent
  • Mary H. Norment
  • Thomas and Patricia Shultz
  • Elaine M. Themo
  • Vicki and Lee Walsh (in honor of Martin and Graham Walsh)
  • Jane and Mike Alcorn
  • Lauren and Sean Allburn
  • Betsy Anderson
  • Nancy and Alan Bolash (in honor of Peter Mellette)
  • The John R. and Jennifer L. Blankinship Philanthropic Fund
  • Pamela and Richard Burke
  • Lynda Byrd-Poller (in honor of William and Thelma Byrd)
  • Julia and John Curtis
  • Elizabeth and Stephen Foxx
  • Susan Gordon
  • Marie and Howard Haynes
  • Barbara and Keith Hanger
  • Lori and Michael Jacobson
  • Karen and Matthew Lambert
  • Ann and John Milliman
  • Donald G. Piper
  • Iomege and Roger Thaler
  • Wilhelmina Z. White (in memory of Harry White)
  • Diane and Alfred Woods
  • Sally and William Andrews
  • Mary and Jeffrey Antol
  • Martha and Edward Blanks
  • Grace A. Boone
  • Alison and Henry Broaddus
  • Mary and Howard Busbee
  • Nancy Chapin
  • Lovee and Harold Curtis
  • Christine L. Faia
  • Eugenie and Drayton Hamm
  • Noreen and Alan Howard
  • Denise W. Koch
  • Janet and Scott Kruger
  • Virginia and Jack Lee
  • Lynn and James Majdic
  • Sally and Bringier McConnell
  • Alfred McKenney
  • Carolyn Mebert (in honor of Ann Mebert)
  • Carolyn and Ronald Munro
  • Wendy Pavlicek (in honor of Tom and Pat Shultz)
  • Brenda and Oscar Prater
  • Barbara L. Ramsey
  • Leslie Revilock
  • Marilyn M. Riddle
  • Sandra W. Stephan
  • Nancy and Williams Sullivan
  • Anthony Taylor
  • Ali and Andrew Trivette
  • Jean Van Tol
  • Barbara and Pete Vollmer
  • Nelia and Robert Lamoureux (in memory of Dorothy Lamourex)
  • William H. Smith
  • Terry and Robert Aimone
  • Harlene Barton
  • Paul A. Dresser and Julie Baxter
  • Corinne and Charles Garland
  • Channing Hall Jr.
  • Fran M. Hermance
  • Natalie Miller-Moore
  • Susana and Leland Newens
  • Deborah Noonan
  • Libbey and Alexander Oliver
  • Jean and Andy Petkofsky
  • Karen and Larry Shoberg
  • Colleen Woodard
  • Joyce and John Alewynse
  • Linda Boyce
  • Paul Dauphinais
  • Paula and Thomas Dignan
  • Helen A. Knollman
  • Sarah and Henry Krakauer
  • Joan and Joseph Phillips
  • Ronald Rosenberg and Yanfang Tang
  • Paul and Dorothy Spofford
  • Kari N. Williams
  • Clara and Ken Crumbly
  • Lou W. Gochenour

Our Library – Our Future Endowment

General Fund

  • Thomas Phelps (annual appeal)
  • Quinn Emmett (in memory of Mrs. Pedigo “who taught me how to read, and so much more!”)

John and Lisa Ballinger Perpetual Book Fund

  • Julia and John Curtis (annual appeal)

Dennis K. Cogle Perpetual Book Fund

  • Patty and Andy Ballentine

Dr. George J. Chohany Perpetual Book Fund

  • Mary H. Norment (annual appeal)

Florence and Robert Croutcher Perpetual Book Fund

  • Jennifer and John Boag (annual appeal)

John W. Edwards Perpetual Book Fund

  • Addy Edwards (annual appeal)

Goldberg Family Perpetual Book Fund

  • Benjamin Goldberg (annual appeal)

Goodrich/Ralbovsky/Roberts Perpetual Book Fund

  • Julie A. Roberts (in honor of Rudy Roberts birthday)

Robert and Ursula Murden Perpetual Book Fund

  • Susanne and Beau Lendman (in memory of Robert and Ursula Murden)

Bernice Vincent Perpetual Book Fund

  • Nancy Vincent and Robert Archibald (annual appeal)

Honorary and Memorial Gifts

  • Mary and Jim Clark from Sean McQueen
  • WRL staff from the James City County Williamsburg Master Gardeners
  • Howell, Phyllis, and Tim Bixler from Doris and Chip Bixler
  • Barbara Eames Callahan from Harvey and Jean Singer
  • Judith Easton from Isabel W. Burch
  • Betty Ann Griffin from Elizabeth F. Wallace
  • Jerome Gurev from Linda and John Livecchi
  • Lois Hornsby from Berna and Joseph Heyman
  • Joseph, Doris, and Joe Hogentogler from Doris and Chip Bixler
  • George Sperry from Sandra Stephan
  • Hilda Schneider Singer from Harvey and Jean Singer
  • Joseph Annette
  • Christopher Becke
  • League of Women Voters Williamsburg Area
  • Margaret Loscalzo
  • Students of W&M in solidarity with “No White Saviors”
  • Barbara D. Kaplan
  • Ashley Bowden – Ashley & Sabine, The Story of a Slightly Broken Heart and the Very Fluffy Thing That Filled It
  • Tierra Wilson – Through the S.T.O.R.M.