W&M Global Film Festival Pre-Festival • "Now, Voyager"

Since the library is closing at 6 p.m. due to weather conditions, this showing has been moved to Tucker Hall (350 James Blair Drive) at the College of William and Mary.

The 2014 William & Mary Global Film Festival (W&M GFF) theme “Journeys & Passages” will be introduced through a pre-festival series of Wednesday night film screenings at the Williamsburg Library Theater running January 15 through February 12, starting at 6:30pm.  The series is free and open to the public (no ticket required). It is part of a one-credit W&M Film Studies course designed in conjunction with the festival. The series will feature films from around the world and each will be introduced with a brief presentation by a W&M faculty member.  Visit filmfestival.wm.edu for complete schedule and details. 

6:30 p.m. • Introduction by Prof. Arthur Knight (English, American Studies, Film & Media Studies)

7 p.m. • "Now, Voyager" (1942 / USA / Irving Rapper / 117m / 117m / NR) • Hailed as “the melodrama to end all melodramas” and “one of Bette Davis’ best-acted and remembered films,” this Warner Brothers’ classic was selected for preservation in the U.S. National Film Registry in 2007. In this unparalleled cinematic journey of classical Hollywood romance, Davis plays repressed Charlotte Vale, dying on the vine thanks to her domineering mother (Gladys Cooper). All-knowing psychiatrist Dr. Jaquith (Claude Rains) urges Charlotte to make several radical changes in her life, quoting Walt Whitman: "Now voyager sail thou forth to seek and find." Slowly, Charlotte emerges from her cocoon of tight hairdos and severe clothing to blossom into a gorgeous fashion plate. While on a long ocean voyage, she falls in love.

Watch a trailer for Now, Voyager below:


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