W&M Global Film Festival Pre-Festival • "Emak-Bakia" and "La Casa Emak Bakia/The Search for Emak Bakia"

The 2014 William & Mary Global Film Festival (W&M GFF) theme “Journeys & Passages” will be introduced through a pre-festival series of Wednesday night film screenings at the Williamsburg Library Theater running January 15 through February 12, starting at 6:30pm.  The series is free and open to the public (no ticket required). It is part of a one-credit W&M Film Studies course designed in conjunction with the festival. The series will feature films from around the world and each will be introduced with a brief presentation by a W&M faculty member.  Visit filmfestival.wm.edu for complete schedule and details. 

6:30 p.m. • GFF “Journeys & Passages” opening remarks & introduction by Professor. Tim Barnard (Film & Media Studies & Director of the W&M Global Film Festival)

7 p.m. • Emak-Bakia (1927 / France / Man Ray / 18m / NR) and La Casa Emak Bakia/The Search for Emak Bakia (2012 / Spain / Oskar Alegria / 83m / NR)
An avant-garde film by Man Ray called Emak Bakia (“Leave me alone” in Basque) inspires this story of a quest. The house near Biarritz where Man Ray’s film was shot in 1926 bore that peculiar name and Oskar Alegria decided to undertake a search on foot to find it. The search would not be easy. Alegria asks for help and assistance from other informers, such as chance and the wind. Post-screening Q&A with director Oskar Alegria (in person or via skype, TBA)

Watch a trailer for La Casa Emak Bakia/The Search for Emak Bakia below:


Room: Theatre