Model Behavior: Figuratively Speaking

Panglossian Productions will host a developmental public reading of a new play written by Jeffrey Fiske.

“Model Behavior:  Figuratively Speaking” is a play about figure models working with artists in a university art department.  The focus is on who the models are, how they came to work in that profession, and their relationships with each other and with the artists.  There is a blind model learning to “see” art by being its subject, a plus sized model prized by the artists for her difference, two models who have gone through reconstructive surgery and are learning to recognize their beauty again by seeing themselves in art, a former dancer, a school teacher moonlighting as a model, a couple of first time figure models, and others. Playwright Jeffrey Fiske, wrote and directed the long-running Off-Broadway production of “The Screwtape Letters.”

Panglossian Production’s Plays in Progress Series invites the public to participate with playwrights in the development of new works for the stage.

Free, no tickets needed


Room: Theatre